Agrowbook is the Social Networking platform for all farmers, first to connect with other farmer while enabling him to see the technology, connect with the research and development happening over agriculture.

It is very important that we have a global platform for all farmers to post their work, emotions, learn new things on the field. After all we farmers feed the world. Feel proud to connect a farmer !!!

We introduced Agrowbook to catalyze agriculture. What it means, Farmers to connect with another farmer, to

a) Share the Best Practices to get more produce per acre

b) Ask advice from networked farmer, agricultural research fellow and companies.

c) Farmers to get access to research and development that is achieved in agricultural universities.

d) Agronomist to get connected with farmers on the field to help them in research and trials.

e) Farmers to get knowhow of the new products launched by agricultural companies.

f) Farmers to express what are their requirements, issues so that universities and companies understand the requirements and make the research and products accordingly.