Pulsar Thifluzamide 24% SC
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Pulsar Thifluzamide 24% SC

Pulsar Thifluzamide 24% SC
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Posted On:March 13, 2015
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» Telangana

Main Specification: Thifluzamide 96%TC,240g/l SC Product Details l Name.: Thifluzamide l Classification.: fungicide l CAS No.: 130000-40-7 l EINECS No.: NA l Country Origin.: China (Mainland) Features: 1.It has a special effects to the sheath blight, low dosage 2.It has good systemic, easily to absorb by roots or plants surface and conduct in plant body; 3.Cauline leaves though dealing are and green thought dealing.provide conditions for adding tase. 4.it don’t contain organic solvent, it is safe to plants, under the appropriate dosage, booting Yang flowering in rice can also be used; 5.Strong resistance to rain .it has no influence on pesticide effect the one hour after applying pesticide if raining

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