Dear Agronomist,
You are striving hard on agriculture research, innovate and come up with the better techniques. We want your research and techniques to reach out to farmers and complete the cycle.
There can be many issues in terms of getting field trials done getting confident results or dissemination of the technology itself.
No worries we have established the online platform for whole agrarian community which will attract the attention from farmers, agribusiness companies, students, agronomist and agricultural University across the world.
You can publish your work in following manner
1) Publish the summary of the work if you are interested in commercialization
And expect interested parties to contact you to provide opportunity for commercialization or feedback on the proposed technology/research.
2) Publish the complete content to Benefit the society
3) If you are already in production phase then, you call offer the product directly on the Marketplace
Your step will ensure the advancement of the agriculture and moving forward on the food security on this mother earth.
Access the user guide on How to Publish on “Farmer’s Own Social Network and Marketplace” here
So Happy publishing….and you know thousand miles journey starts with a single step towards it.

Click below to understand the quick steps on publishing the research.
How to Publish Research on Agrowbook.pdf
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